Learning and Inference for Natural Language Understanding(4)

第四届自然语言处理与中文计算会议(NLPCC 2015)——Machine Learning and Inference methods have become ubiquitous and have had a broad impact on a range of scientific advances and technologies and on our ability to make sense of large amounts of data. Research in Natural Language Processing has both benefited from and contributed to advancements in these methods and provides an excellent example for some of the challenges we face moving forward.

关键词: natural language understanding;inference methods;Constrained Conditional Models 第四届自然语言处理与中文计算会议(NLPCC 2015)

主讲人:ACM Fellow Dan Roth 机构:University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

时长:0:17:44 年代:2015年