Learning to Process Natural Language in Big Data Environment(2)

第四届自然语言处理与中文计算会议(NLPCC 2015)——In this lecture, I will give a survey on deep learning for natural language processing (DL4NLP), including some of the work done at Huawei Noah’s Ark Lab. I will particularly focus on four major applications in NLP, namely search, question answering, natural language dialogue, and machine translation. I will conclude my lecture by summarizing the challenges and opportunities in research on DL4NLP.

关键词: natural language;big data;deep learning;natural language processing 第四届自然语言处理与中文计算会议(NLPCC 2015)

主讲人:Chief Scientist Hang Li 机构:Huawei Technologies

时长:0:16:10 年代:2015年