Water Resource Problems and Solutions in India's Ecologically-Fragile Drylands(1)

2015 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment(WRE2015)——This keynote speech explains the model of building cost-effective check dams in rivers to harvest rainwater. Water saved through check dams not only transform the infertile drylands into productive agricultural lands, but also increase ground water recharge ultimately benefiting the environment. This eco-friendly check dam model has remarkable potential to be replicated in dryland-dominated developing countries to reduce irrigation water stress, minimize river water conflicts and mitigate climate change.

关键词: water resource problem;India;ecologically-fragile drylands; water scarcity;eco-friendly check dam model

主讲人:Prof. Govindasamy Agoramoorthy 机构:Tajen University

时长:0:17:50 年代:2015年