Rapid Expert Tool Based on Ecosystem Services Variables for Retrofitting of Sustainable Drainage Systems(1)

2015 International Conference on Water Resource and Environment(WRE2015)——There is a need for a geospatial decision support tool for different professions such as drainage engineers and urban planners, which is useful for a quick assessment of the potential of ecosystem services when retrofitting sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) in urban areas. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to develop an innovative rapid decision support tool based on ecosystem service variables for retrofitting of key SuDS techniques by different professionals such as drainage engineers, developers, ecologists, planners and social scientists.

关键词: rapid expert tool;ecosystem Service;sustainable drainage systems;flood control 2015 International Conference on Water Re

主讲人:Prof. Miklas Scholz 机构:University of Salford, Manchester, UK

时长:0:15:22 年代:2015年