Designing crop root systems efficient in acquiring water and nutrients(1)

International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences(ABS2015)——The current world-wide research on linking genes and root traits is focusing on the primary effects of genes that directly mediate small-scale phenomena such as the growth of meristems and specific uptake processes. However, the small-scale phenomena are of limited value in designing root systems for particular environments because much of the functional efficiency of root systems depends on large-scale phenomena, such as the 3-D distribution of root systems in soil, and how this distribution develops in time.

关键词: crop root system;simulation modelling;3-D model ROOTMAP;root traits International Conference on Agricultural and Biologi

主讲人:Prof. Zed Rengel 机构:University of Western Australia, Perth

时长:0:16:27 年代:2015年