Degradation Efficiency and Bacterial Species in Soil polluted With Used Motor Oils, Treated by Composting With Yard Trimmings and Phytoremediation with Lolium Perenne

International Conference on Agricultural and Biological Sciences(ABS2015)——The findings of this study show that, after 29 weeks, the process of composting itself is more efficient in terms of degradation of used moter oil than phytoremediation, but the combination of both technologies-composting and phytoremediation-promotes higher microbial counts, which consequently could provide better degradation rates.

关键词: degradation efficiency;bacterial species;used moter oil;phytoremediation International Conference on Agricultural and Bi

主讲人:Dr. Ma. Neftali Rojas-Valencia 机构:Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

时长:0:07:53 年代:2015年