Development of An Endoscopic Transcervical Non-Invasive Artificial Insemination Technique for Large Felids

The 4th Spring World Congress on Engineering and Technology (SCET 2015)——Endoscopic transcervical technique may provide a non-invasive intra-uterine artificial insemination technique for large felids.Because habitat fragmentation is an important threat to the long term survival of large cat populations, this technique may be a very useful tool for virtually restoring connectivity among isolated and distant populations, hence reducing the risk of inbreeding depression.

关键词: 人工授精技术 内窥镜 子宫颈 猫科动物 生境破碎化

主讲人:Prof. Alain Fontbonne 机构:Alfort Veterinary Colleg, Paris, France

时长:0:12:15 年代:2015年