Automated Grammatical Error Correction:The State of the Art(1)

第三届自然语言处理与中文计算会议(NLPCC 2014)——There is recent increased interest in automated grammatical error correction, which automatically detects and corrects grammatical errors in essays written by learners of English. In particular, four shared tasks within the natural language processing community were organized in the past four years (HOO 2011, HOO 2012, CoNLL 2013, and CoNLL 2014). In this talk, Prof. Ng will give an overview of the two recent CoNLL shared tasks where he was the lead organizer, and present the findings of the shared tasks. Prof. Ng will review recent approaches that achieve state-of-the-art performance in grammatical error correction, and suggest possible future research directions.

关键词: 自动语法纠错 自然语言处理 信息检索 第三届自然语言处理与中文计算会议(NLPCC 2014)

主讲人:ACL Fellow Hwee Tou Ng 机构:National University of Singapore

时长:0:14:07 年代:2014年