Application of High Temperature Digital Image Correlation for Welding Research

2014年国际机器人焊接、智能化与自动化会议(RWIA'2014)暨第十届中国机器人焊接会议(CCRW'2014)——The development of stress/strain and deformation is a complex and mportant aspect of welding.Measurement methods are necessary to quantify the transient stress/strain field that is evolving during welding.Existing methods are not suitable as a sensor for welding process monitoring and control.Digital image correlation method is an optical method to measure deformation on an object surface.

关键词: 应力 变形 焊接 高温数字图像相关方法 传感器 2014年国际机器人焊接、智能化与自动化会议(RWIA'2014)暨第十届中国机器人焊接会议(CCRW'2014)

主讲人:Prof. Zhili Feng 机构:Oak Ridge National Laboratory,Oak Ridge TN USA

时长:0:14:15 年代:2014年