Multifunctionalities of Nanocarbon Materials Filled Cement-based Composites(1)

2014中国功能材料科技与产业高层论坛——Materials combined with a small amount of nanomaterials offer new possibilities in the developing of multifunctional composites. Nanocarbon materials (NCMs) such as carbon nanofibres, carbon nanotubes and nano graphite platelets have excellent intrinsic physical properties and improvement effect to matrix materials at nanoscale. They are promising fillers for improving the mechanical property and durability of cement-based materials and introducing functional properties to cement-based materials. This paper presents a comprehensive introduction about multifuntionlities of NCMs filled cement-based composites including mechanical properties, durability, electrical properties, thermal properties, electromagnetic properties, sensing property and etc.

关键词: 水泥基复合材料 碳纳米材料 混凝土材料 2014中国功能材料科技与产业高层论坛

主讲人:教授 韩宝国 机构:大连理工大学

时长:0:13:12 年代:2014年