Epitaxial growth and transverse thermoelectric effect of layered cobalt oxide thin films(2)

2014中国功能材料科技与产业高层论坛——Layered cobalt oxides are newly discovered oxide thermoelectric materials and have promising applications in high temperature thermoelectric devices. Here we reported the investigation of transverse thermoelectric effect, an unconventional thermoelectric effect in which heat and electric energy flow through a material perpendicular to each other, of caxis tilted thin films of layered cobalt oxides. Under thermal heater heating or light illuminations with different wavelength ranging from ultraviolet to far—infrared, anisotropic thermal voltage signals were detected along the film in-plane directions, which showed a close relation to the doping, oxygen vacancy, stress and nano inclusions in the films. In addition, coating an additional light absorption layer on the film surface can also greatly improve the light-induced transverse thermal voltage of the layered cobalt oxide films. The observation of transverse thermoelectric effect in the layered cobalt oxide thin films demonstrated the new potential applications of layered cobalt oxides in light or thermal detectors.

关键词: 层状钴氧化物薄膜 外延生长 热电效应 热电材料 2014中国功能材料科技与产业高层论坛

主讲人:教授 王淑芳 机构:河北大学

时长:0:13:55 年代:2014年