Novel Silicon Detector Development and Processing for Space,High Energy and Nuclear Physics,and Photon Science(2)

2014中国功能材料科技与产业高层论坛——Si Detector design and operation principles will be presented in this talk. New detector developments, including Si drift detectors (SDD), Si stripixel detectors (SSPD), and Si 3D-Trench Electrode detectors (3D- TED) will be discussed and simulated. It will be shown that SDD id good for application in x-ray as spectroscopy detector with small anode size, while 3D-TED can be good for radiation hard detectors for space and high energy physics experiments, and for x-ray applications as energy spectroscopy and imaging.

关键词: 硅探测器 高能物理 核物理 光学性能

主讲人:教授 李正 机构:湘潭大学

时长:0:18:46 年代:2014年