The characteristics of wind flow and sand movement over Nitraria nebkhas and their influence on the development of nebkhas at the edge of Minqin Oasis

The Eighth International Conference on Aeolian Research(ICAR VIII 2014)——Nebkhas are formed by deposition of wind-driven sediments within and around shrubs or other clump vegetation.This presentation detail some aspects of characteristic of wind flow,sand movement,erosion and deposition cycle over four Nitraria nebkhas with different shape,discuss their influence and feedback to the development of nebkhas.

关键词: 白刺沙堆 风蚀作用 沉积周期 民勤绿洲

主讲人:A.P. Kejie Zhan 机构:Key Laboratory of Mechanics and Disaster and Environment in Western China,The Ministry of Education of China,Lanzhou Uni

时长:0:11:34 年代:2014年