Fractal Analysis of Dykes of the Satpura Gondwana Basin, Central India

The 6th ENGII Conference(Workshop6 2014)——In the Satpura Gondwana basin of central India, dolerite dikes occur profusely with varying outcrop lengths. We have analysed the nature of their length-size and orientation distributions in relation to the theory of fractals. Two orientational sets of dikes (ENW–WSW and E–W) are present. Both the sets show strongly non-power-law size distributions, as reflected in non-linear variations in logarithmic space. We analyzed 436 number of data, revealing that polynomial functions with a degree of 3 to 4 are the best representatives of the non-linear variations. Orientation analysis shows that the degree of dispersions from the mean trend tends to decrease with increasing dike length. The length-size distributions were studied by simulating fractures in physical models. Experimental fractures also show a non-power-law distribution, which grossly conforms to those of the dolerite dikes. This type of complex size distributions results from the combined effects of nucleation, propagation and coalescence of fractures.

关键词: 分形分析 辉绿岩堤坝 非幂律分布 实验性骨折 The 6th ENGII Conference(Workshop6 2014)

主讲人:Prof. Chandan Chakraborty 机构:Indian Statistical Institute

时长:0:12:49 年代:2014年