Attention Drawing of Movie Trailers Revealed by Electroencephography Using Sample Entropy

The 6th ENGII Conference(Workshop6 2014)——A movie trailer is a common advertising tool in the entertainment industry. Detection of a viewer’s brain responses to a movie trailer can help film producers to tailor a more appealing trailer of a movie. In this study, we acquired electroencephalographic (EEG) signals from subjects when they watched movie trailers (labeled as Movie session), and compared with their resting state session (labeled as Resting session) or when they watch nature scenes (labeled as Nature session). We used Sample Entropy (SampEn) to analyze the EEG signals between different sessions. Results showed that the complexity ratios at Fp1, Fp2 and Fz channels derived from Movie session were significantly lower than that in Resting state or when subjects watched Nature session. Our results suggest that the brain status can affect the complexity of their EEG. Further, the attraction of attention of a movie trailer can be observed from the change of EEG.

关键词: 电影预告片 脑电图 样本熵 The 6th ENGII Conference(Workshop6 2014)

主讲人:A.P. Po-Shan Wang 机构:Taipei Municipal Gan-Dau Hospital

时长:0:08:06 年代:2014年