Carrying Multicast Traffic across Domain by Peraccess-network based Wide-sense Circuit Tree

IEEE TENCON 2013——IP multicast suffers from scalability and QoS provisioning problems when supporting large scale group communication cross domain. To solve the problems, we propose WSCT-PAN, a per-access-network based wide-sense circuit tree transmission scheme, in which one Wide-Sense Circuit Tree (WSCT) is established for a class of multicast traffic per access network. By using mapping and label switching, multiple multicast groups’ traffic with the same traffic class from the same access network share only one dynamic reconfigurable wide-sense circuit tree in the backbone network. The WSCT branches extend only to the access networks the multicast receivers located in. So, the tradeoff between efficient multicast label switching and traffic redundancy in the backbone network is achieved. Compared with the traditional cross domain multicast, WSCT-PAN is more scalability, and suitable for large scale cross domain multicast deployment.

关键词: 宽检测电路树 跨域组播 IP组播 WSCT-PAN

主讲人:Professor Chen Yue 机构:State Key Laboratory of Mathematical Engineering and Advanced Computing

时长:0:12:27 年代:2013年