Comparison of Binary Hologram Generation Methods Sampling on the Object Image Scene and Error Diffusion Method on the Hologram Plane

IEEE TENCON 2013——Holography is a technique to record and reconstruct a three dimensional scene on a 2D plane, which is called a hologram. As a special kind of 2D image, the digital image processing of holograms such as gray level image binarization can be quite different from conventional images. The generation of binary holograms from gray level holograms can be implemented not only with conventional dithering or error diffusion methods but also sampling methods on the object image proposed recently. This talk compares the reconstructed image quality of binary holograms generated by the traditional error diffusion method on the hologram plane and the new random plus adaptive sampling method on the object image. The advantages and disadvantages of two methods are analyzed critically and illustrated with examples.

关键词: 误差扩散方法 全息 全息图记录 二进制全息图

主讲人:JIAO Shuming 机构:Department of Electronic Engineering City University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong SAR, China

时长:0:15:42 年代:2013年