Time-frequency Analysis of Underwater Acoustic Signal Based on Improved Harmonic Wavelet

IEEE TENCON 2013——The application of improved harmonic wavelet in underwater acoustic signal time-frequency (TF) analysis was demonstrated. The harmonic wavelet functions windowed in frequency domain were used to improve TF positioning capability, and the wavelet coefficients dimensions were reduced after harmonic wavelet transformation to reduce the computational amount. Based on this, the rapid and accurate TF analysis will be achieved. The experimental results show that, comparing with STFT and traditional wavelet methods, the proposed method has better TF focusing ability, and obtains the signal characteristic information more quickly and accurately. This work will help to improve the underwater acoustic signal detection and feature extraction capabilities.

关键词: 水声信号 时频分析 谐波小波

主讲人:WANG Lu 机构:Northwestern Polytechnical University

时长:0:10:58 年代:2013年