Large-scale Synthesis and Potential Applications of Graphene-based Materials(2)

第八届中国功能材料及其应用学术会议——This talk discusses 3 themes: Ⅰ:Fabrication of graphene by chemical exfoliation and assembly of graphene films.Ⅱ:Synthesis of graphene and its 3D network by CVD.Ⅲ:Demonstration of graphene-based materials for flexible LIBs and SCs,flexible transparent conductive films,flexible elastic conductors,gas sensors,thermal management materials and electromagnetic shielding materials,etc.

关键词: 石墨烯 导电膜 电磁屏蔽 材料学 第八届中国功能材料及其应用学术会议

主讲人:成会明 机构:中国科学院金属研究所

时长:0:19:42 年代:2013年