Synthesis of Chrysotile Asbestos Tailing Glass-ceramics and Applied Mineralogy

第11届国际应用矿物学大会(ICAM2013)——The video talks about the glass-ceramics were prepared by the chrysotile asbestos tailings,limestone,and quartz sand which were the main raw material,and adding a small amount of chemical agents during the sintering process.The optimum heat treatment conditions were determined through analysis and experimental works. Influence of heat treatment conditions on microstructure and properities of glass-ceramics were investigated,and obtained the trend of microstructure and properties along with heat treatment conditions.

关键词: 温石棉 陶瓷 玻璃 热处理 第11届国际应用矿物学大会(ICAM2013)

主讲人:Peng Tongjiang

时长:0:29:51 年代:2013年