Effect of irrigation frequency on yield and quality of melon under open field conditions in Minqin oasis

第十一届国际旱地发展会议——In most arid regions the fresh water is not enough for drinking and irrigation use. So,the only water available to the farmers is the saline groundwater. The long-term uses of saline groundwater combined with a high evaporation have determined an increase of soil salinization. The negative impact of saline irrigation water can be mitigated by implementing appropriate management of saline water and irrigation schedule for the plants. Furthermore, it is essential to develop the most suitable irrigation schedule to get optimum plant yield for different ecological regions as plant water consumption depends mostly on plant growth,soil and climatic conditions.

关键词: 灌溉频率 土壤盐渍化 生态

主讲人:Professor Huang Cuihua

时长:0:10:48 年代:2013年