Response of a desert plant Reaumuria soongarica to past geological and climatic change in arid Central Asia

第十一届国际旱地发展会议——Past geological and climatic events have promoted intraspecific divergence and range shifts in numerous plant species. This is particularly true for temperate species in climate-sensitive regions. However, few previous studies have examined so far whether such genetic footprints were also shaped in desert plants, which can survive in arid habitats and might be “static” under the past climatic oscillations. We therefore studied the phylogeographical history of Reaumuria soongarica, a shrub species that is widely distributed across the deserts of arid Central Asia.

关键词: 干旱地区 叶绿体DNA 沙漠植物 第十一届国际旱地发展会议

主讲人:Xiao-Fei Ma 机构:Chinese Academy of Sciences

时长:0:22:10 年代:2013年