Piezoelectrically excited oscillations in ultrasonic motors,particle transportation and levitation systems

第五届全国振动利用工程学术会议暨第四次全国超声电机技术研讨会——This video talks about a short overview on early vision of piezoelectric ultrasonic motors has been given,and a classification of piezoelectric ultrasonic motors was presented.Travelling wave type motors and their contact mechanics were studied as well as the energy flow in these systems.Industrial applications have been introduced and some special designs and linear motors have also been discussed.Impact type motors were presented,and mono-modal vs. bi-modal designs were discussed.

关键词: 振动利用工程 电机技术 振动学

主讲人:Prof.Jorg Wallaschek 机构:Leibniz University Hannover

时长:0:44:18 年代:2012年