Windblown origin and earthquake signature of the last deglacial xinmocun lacustrine sediments at Diexi, East Tibet

The Eighth International Conference on Aeolian Research(ICAR VIII 2014)——Fine grains of the Xinmocun lacustrine sediments were transported by wind and trapped in the lake,whereas the >16 μm fraction was likely from local sources.Its repeated variations reveal 26 seismic events during 18.65-10.63 ka with a mean recurrence interval of 0.32 ka,Lacustrine sediment in a tectonically active region have potential to record a continous history of palaeoearhequakes.Strong earthquakes probably produces numerous rockfalls and landslides in alpine valleys and provided significant sources of regional erolian dust.

关键词: 湖泊沉积物 地震信号 风沙输送 尘源

主讲人:A.P. Hanchao Jiang 机构:State Key Laboratory of Earthquake Dynamics,Institute of Geology,China Earthquake Administration,Beijing

时长:0:09:32 年代:2014年